pre-order policy


Pre-orders are advance purchases made on new merchandise that is scheduled to be shipped at a future date. The advantage of buying an item in pre-order is that you can guarantee the size or item you want without risking that it runs out as soon as it is available in our warehouse. Requests for certain items can be multiple. For this reason, their availability can run out even before they are physically available in stock. Each collection or item available for pre-order will have its own specific shipping date. These dates are not guaranteed, but we will do our best to update our site with any changes. Payment is required at the time of the purchase; the total amount of the order will be charged once at check-out.


Pre-ordering reduces the waste and damaged to the ecosystem caused by the fashion industry, because there won’t be overproduction. Besides, once orders are placed, we can calculate how much fabric and other supplies are going to be used, by having the information of quantities ordered, sizes, colors, etc. This way we reduce waste at its minimum.  Pre-order is about making a thoughtful purchase, not buying by impulse but considering all the process behind a piece of clothing. You are making a conscious choice.

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