'The future will either be green of or not at all'

fridays for future

After COVID-19, a lot more changes happen in every aspect of the business. As the pandemic continues, the urge to understand the importance of the environment becomes greater for many. The fashion industry is one the biggest pollution industry in the world, but there hope for sustainable fashion. In recent few years, sustainable fashion is more searched on the internet; people wanted to know what makes fashion sustainable and how to make conscious decisions themselves, when it comes to their wardrobe. In this article, we try to help you understand that sustainability is the future not just a trend.

Due to the development of fast pacing internet, social media and the rising awareness of harm done to our planet, consumers are becoming more and more intelligent. People actually think about the effort it takes to make a a garment, and what impact it creates on the environment. People want to read about conscious lifestyles, eco-friendly products, transparancy and organic materials.

As a result, consumption is decided upon in a more mindful manner; people become more likely to make conscious decisions. This includes the search for brand identities that contribute to protecting the environment. Ultimately, the demand for sustainable fashion, or sustainable products at all, increases. There is a growing community of sustainable fashion lovers, after all, doing good for the planet feels good as well!

The apparel industry can play a major role to achieving sustainable growth, because it contributes a huge amount to the economy, employment opportunities, and society overall. This industry has components and supply chains across multiple trades, including agriculture, design, and manufacturing, and now has the opportunity to make a change; creatively improve current operations, implement circular economy practices, hire the right people that believe in the power of sustainable growth. Fashion Revolution is one the forefront organizations that stands up for women workers rights, and social justice. In addition, the influence of artificial intelligence (AI) has seen a rise in our world. In the manufacturing sector of the apparel industry, more new technologies such as blockchain technology and 3D scanning is being used. This 3D scanning helps consumers to see the virtual look of the product, but also helps designers to visualize their creative designs, whereas blockhchain technology assists companies in becoming and providing a transparant supply chain through unique identifications.

trend is a general direction into which something is changing, developing, or veering toward. Sustainable fashion is about long-lasting garments that cause less to no harm to the environment, clothing that can be reused, or even recycled. Important message of today; YOUR BEHAVIOUR MATTERS! Brands meet demand, and demand comes from us as consumers. What you can do as consumer, is educate yourself and start making better decisions today; limit temptations by avoiding superfluous shopping, resist the urge to spend giftcards right away, and question not only every purchase but anything you bring into your space. And these are just 3 small tips of many!