'The world allows us to live like hosts permit tenants. But we reward her with evil'

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Sustainable development is a goal that we all should work towards, independently and collectively. The planet currently suffers greatly from our human activities that unfairly punish her for all the good she provides us. The least that we can do is to devise new ways to live and reduce the damage we cause our environment.

Sadly, for most of us, this can mean a change in our lifestyle that we are not ready to make. But thankfully, there are several simple ways that you can contribute. You can do the 3R system: Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle.


Disposing items that you can reuse is not only a waste but adds to the increasing pool of environmental contaminants, and waste management issues that the world faces.

How can you help?

Sort out items that you can reuse comfortably like metal and glass packaging, wooden boxes, and rubber containers. Reuse them for as long as possible. You can also give away items that you do not need. There’s someone out there who will need them. For example, some schools collect uniforms from students and resell them at lower prices to people who cannot afford new ones. There are charity organizations that collect used clothes, accessories and other useful items and have them sent to people in third world countries. Some even get used soaps from hotels, disinfect them, and process them into new soap bars for the less fortunate people.


Reducing wastes is another important way to help. You can do this by going green and reducing your carbon footprint. Change your buying habits to save materials used in packaging. Buying in bulk reduces the need for packaging. When manufacturers don’t have to produce more packaging, they can save up on the raw materials used in making them. Less plastic, for example, can be saved when you buy metal buckets that last longer.

At work, you can bring your cup, spoon, and fork instead of using the disposable plastics provided. Imagine if your workplace eliminates disposable plastics; money would be saved and your environment would be safer.

Always seek for ways to buy or use less and avoid wastage.


Recycling is a great way to turn wastes into usable items. Almost every material can be recycled today. Wood frames can be reshaped, resprayed, and converted for different use. Your metals, plastics, and rubber can be melted and then recast into something useful. Even glass can be crushed and heated to reconstitute new glass items.

The recycling industry is already doing so much for our world, saving up money, and helping to reduce our collective carbon footprint. Trees, for example, are being saved from excessive cutting through the recycling of paper. On your own part, check for paper recycling programs in your community or office and when shopping, looking for recycled paper products.

The best thing about recycling is that it doesn’t always affect the quality of items, and materials can undergo several recycling processes.

In summary..

The 3R method is one that everyone should adopt urgently if we are serious about adding our quota to saving a dying world. You’d be doing your part in making the world better, fighting climate change and its negative effects. You’ll also save up more money from items that you reuse or recycle.