'What the new year brings to you will depend a great deal on what you bring to the new year'


Every new year comes with millions of resolutions, and this year will be no different. Unfortunately, while making resolutions are easy to do, keeping to them over the year can be difficult.

For most people, resolutions only last a few days, weeks, or months at most. If you want to achieve all of your resolutions, you need to know how to do better than you’ve done before and keep doing better. Make sticking to your word easier for yourself. Ticking off every resolution at the end of this year -just 355 days away- requires minor and major lifestyle changes that will impact how you work towards your goals.

What Should You Work On?


Procrastination is often the culprit in failed resolutions. When you fail to do things at the right time, you’re setting yourself up for failure. For example, you’ve resolved to work on your weight this year, but you keep postponing on the little things like taking brisk evening walks, cutting out fats and refined sugars, or even using the free community gym. The more you delay, the harder it becomes!

Sadly, there is no cure for procrastination outside prompt action. You have to train yourself to do things when you should. Take that brisk walk once it’s time, log in to your virtual class and learn that skill.


Small, consistent actions are better than big inconsistent actions that only satiate your conscience for some time. If, for example, you want to quit smoking, you should start with small and consistent abstinence periods -maybe some hours, instead of trying to stay off for longer periods only when the guilt comes.

Consistency will help you to build confidence and endurance for your resolutions. If you have to show up, then show up regularly. Don’t miss any periods except for unavoidable reasons.

Building up excuses

Yes, there are certain unavoidable reasons why some things may not work, but making all sorts of excuses to escape putting in the hard work will only keep you where you were last year. Excuses will always crop up, but you can decide to find a way through them or lie back and let them bury you under.

You must know how to do better and keep Improving. Make it easier sticking to your word by mentally overcoming every mistakes when they happening and deciding not to give excuses but get to work on fixing them. Remember, the battle is mostly in your head. Win there, and you can win anywhere.

Setting Realistic Resolutions

You should indeed have the biggest goals but when making resolutions, stick to practicable and realistic ones. You can’t be obese and set a resolution to win Mr. Olympia in one year! You cannot get that body within a year. This might be counter-productive.

The danger with setting unrealistic resolutions is that you might become discouraged if you don’t meet up. Also, it might put you under intense pressure to perform within a short time when your journey might require a longer time to complete.

So, identify your resolutions for the new year and ensure that they are things you achieve. You can set milestones to mark your journey! Put in your best leg from today, the first day of the year 2022, and determine to put in only your best efforts daily.