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Influence of street art on fashion design

Many perceive fashion as a form of living art, and they are right because fashion is literally art in motion. The journey of a piece of clothing usually starts from a sketchbook, but sometimes, the drawing is influenced by the colors on a graffiti wall or the form and shape of a beautiful art piece.

From the dawn of time, designers have always used art niches as a source of inspiration—but in modern times, street art has become highly influential in contemporary fashion.

While street art might not be the heartthrob of the boomer class, its influence in society and the world of fashion cannot be denied. The footprint of street art is everywhere, from clothing design to catwalk set designs, from boutique houses to major labels.

The street art movement first came into motion in the 20th century and has since grown and imparted the world of fashion—specifically the graphic t-shirt world. A lot of t-shirt brands and fashion houses today have their street art connection to thank for their continued success over the years.

Seeking action with artwork; getting the message across

Art goes beyond aesthetic appeal, it’s an expression of an opinion or message by the artist to the viewer. Street arts are unique for their strong countercultural spirit, informality, and spontaneity. The art-fashion relationship provides a way for people to express themselves through their closets, and the transition from street art to fashion has been nothing but eye-catching. 

Uplifting others through collaboration

Gritty palettes and surfaces have always been the main target for street artists to showcase their work. They lay down subtle sidewalk graphics, paint elaborate murals on bricks, and scribble on the edges of city streets. However, with a series of recent collaborations, these urban masterminds are now aiming their spray cans on the runway. Last stop: your closet.

Many fashion brands such as Levi’s, Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, and Dior have started embracing street arts for limited edition products by partnering with influential street artists. These strings of collaborations have sparked a welcome chatter among the public and the press—uplifting the street art tradition. 

Even influential celebrities, regardless of discipline, can wait to showcase their love for street art through what they wear. Some prominent names include Kim Kardashian West, Kanye West, Justin Beiber, Kendal Jenner, Zendaya, etc.

From the streets to fashion

While just a hippie fad in the ’80s, street art is now a fashion culture, giving birth to a world for tagged products, whether clothes, handbags, and even shoes, autographed items, one-of-a-kind collections, and limited editions. The collaboration has produced masterpieces that have become the new fetish objects. 

Nothing beats being able to wear the work of your favorite street artist around your body. And to spice things up, these products are available at increasingly affordable prices. Having these special products becomes a must and no longer a wish list.