'Music is the art of sounds in the movement of time''

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Influence of Music on Fashion Design

Since men could make music, it has always been closely related to style and fashion. It speaks volumes about a culture and era and its impact on the lives of a people cannot be ignored.

The interconnection between music and fashion has grown over time becoming prominent in recent times.

Today, musicians dictate what’s cool and socially acceptable to wear which influences people’s shopping habits. It’s common to see artists creating their clothing lines, having brand deals, and frequently consigning labels in their songs. The influence music has on fashion now is unlike ever before. 

Some of the popular music genres that have greatly incorporated their styles into a “craze fashion” accepted by the modern youth include Glam rock, glam punk, goth, glam goth, rockabilly, psychobilly, rap, to mention a few.

Mutual Benefits from the other’s creativity

Fashion styles that still live on today are a result of the individuality, sexuality, and political beliefs expressed in the music we listened to and watch.

Music and Fashion are becoming more intertwined due to the increased collaboration between fashion brands and musicians—a relationship that doesn’t seem like ending soon. The continuous strings of merchandise, brand deals, and cosigns indicate that the impact of music on fashion and style would be a never-dying trend.

The benefits of this relationship are mutual for both parties, brands make a lot of money from the exposure of having influential artists representing their collections, and musicians are paid to showcase fashion brand products.

Uplifting others by collaboration

Most popular artists today were born and raised into the branded world we live in. They usually have brand support they can count on for income and also participate in creative campaigns that boost their audience base. On the other hand, brands enjoy the exposure they get to large, passionate audiences that comes with associating with music celebrities.

To reach new audiences and remain unique, more artists and fashion brands are collaborating. When done correctly, collaborations between brands and artists can be very rewarding for all involved. 

From the streets to music to fashion

The music industry’s artists are always testing the limits of what society thinks is fashionable. When a new trend is seen on an artist, the media picks it up quickly, and those trends frequently spread to the general audience.

Usually what’s trendy in fashion usually took its origins from the streets, where performers and musicians adopted a mode of dressing commensurate to their genre. These styles are adopted by fans and with popularity, they become mainstream fashion.

Many popular groups and genres have had an impact on the fashion industry in this way, even when the artist’s aesthetics is imitated.

TV personalities, models, young influencers, and especially musicians in the music industry greatly contribute to the now popular street style. As a result of this, more people are beginning to get their street style inspiration from candid photographs and programs they see on TV shows, social media or in magazines.