'To leave the world better than you found it, sometimes to have to pick up other people's trash'

trash on the beach

Where Did It All Start?

With everything happening in the planet, people have come to realize the importance of taking care of Mother Earth. One activity that helps achieve this goal is none other than the World Cleanup Day.

World Cleanup Day, or simply WCD, is a global social action program held every year with the purpose of fighting the solid waste problem of the world, including the issue on marine debris. This 2020, World Cleanup Day is slated on the 19th of September. International cleanup efforts already existed in various forms throughout the history of mankind, specifically after widespread catastrophes like floods, powerful tsunamis and earthquakes.

Today, these efforts are usually done by places that are affected, with support from different NGOs and international organizations like Red Cross as well as other relief organizations yet these are often in post-conflict zones. These included efforts to get rid of land mines, clean beaches and other non-governmental and municipal actions. The celebration of World Cleanup Day involves waste mapping and litter cleanup activities that are held in different time zones. Events for environmental cleanup are hosted in almost all countries across the globe before concluding close to the International Date Line in American Samoa and Hawaii.

The Beginnings of World Cleanup Day

It was on the 15th of September 2018 when the first World Cleanup Day was held although this has been inspired on the remarkable success of the past international cleanup efforts. The World Cleanup Day in 2018 had a goal of involving 5% of the population of the world or around 380 million people. Even though the goal was not met then, World Cleanup Day 2018 was able to mobilize approximately 18 million people all over the world.

From then on, World Cleanup Day has been held every year on the 3rd Saturday of September. The volunteers in 180 countries stand up together against the trash problem of the planet through waste cleanup that make this the largest positive civic action ever seen in the world.

World Cleanup Day is such a powerful green wave that starts in Japan and ends in Hawaii where millions of people take positive action together in one day. The goal of this activity is to bond the international community, increase awareness and realize an actual change to reach the final goal and that is to have a healthy and clean planet.

Let’s Do It World is the organization behind World Cleanup Day. This is global civic movement whose mission is to empower and connect organizations and people across the globe for a cleaner planet. To date, there are already 22 million caring people who participated in the movement. They are cleaning over 500,000 tons of waste in more than 100 countries as they help reduce costs, improve health and save lives in the process.

Who are the Participants in World Cleanup Day?

World Cleanup Day participants are usually volunteers that have coordination from the non-governmental organizations that help in fundraising, logistics and raising awareness.

If you want to do something to help save the planet, now is the time to take action. Join the World Cleanup Day and make the world a better and cleaner place for the present and future generations.