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How The Fashion Industry Can Contribute To The Sustainable Development Goals

NOW IS THE TIME FOR THE FASHION INDUSTRY TO TAKE RESPONSIBLITY Date Published October 1st, 2021 'Sustainable development is the peace policy of the future ' Dr. Klaus Topfer The ...

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How Covid-19 Forces Positive Change In The Fast Fashion Market

THERE IS STILL SOMETHING GOOD ABOUT THE PANDAMIC Date Published August 1st, 2021 'The revolution looks fabulous' Lucy Shea The fashion market has been adversely affected greatly by the COVID-19 ...

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Sustainable Fashion Being More Expensive Is actually a Myth

SUSTAINABLE FASHION BEING MORE ‘EXPENSIVE’ IS ACTUALLY A MYTH Date Published June 1st, 2022 'A myth is a religion which no one any longer believes' James Feibleman Sustainable fashion is ...

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